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Vans Warped Tour 2007

Tweeter Center, MAnsfield, MA
Aug 9, 2007
By Thaise

As a nine-to-fiver I missed the first half of the show. Expecting to see the usual lines of cars, and crowds of fans awaiting entrance, I arrived at 4:00 to find that everyone else had already made it inside and was now enjoying the show. Sad to be late but glad to miss the lines, I rushed inside. There I was met by swarms of fans, shuffling from stage to stage attempting to see their favorites of the 101 bands that played throughout the day. As I attempted to navigate the crowd, and gain some sort of understanding of the layout and the band schedule, I was relaxed by a feeling of calm as people around me were enjoying the weather, the sounds, and the atmosphere.

With schedule in hand my heart sank, as did that of many late comers expecting to see the band of the day, As I Lay Dying. How dare they switch their time slot from 7:30 to 2:30? Didn't they know we were coming? Ah well, at least we got to see Killswitch Engage because of the change. They came to the stage with a sense of humor that had the crowd laughing, as well as singer Howard Jones in hysterics, as guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz spouted something about being the product of the evolution of a piece of shit.

Circa Survive also had the fans eating out of the palm of their hand, though it may have had something to do with the sultry yet boyish good looks of lead singer Anthony Green. They announced the competition they had going, throughout the tour, for best crowd surfing. With Boston currently in a strong third place position Anthony challenged the crowd to surf more, and they did. Great music, a singer seducing the crowd with his sexy blue eyes and sheepish grin, and waves of people crashing forward; what more could a girl ask for?

As I moved my way through the crowd, checking out the other bands, I noticed a large group surrounding one of the smaller stages. With laughter and cheers abundant I figured I better check it out. There I found MC Chris instructing the audience to "Rapper! Gangsta! Now tilt your head!" as he and the crowd raised one hand, then both hands, and then, well, tilted their heads. Though most, including myself, didn't know exactly what was going on, everyone was enjoying the crowd participation.

As the day moved on the crowd started dropping like flies. Literally plopping themselves down on the ground. With faces red and bodies sweating, no one was willing to give up and leave. Throughout the crowd I noticed many with temporary and spray paint tattoos branding various parts of their bodies. I thought this might be fun so on my way to check out the next band I tracked down one of these booths offering such body advertisements. The nice boys from FUKITT.com sprayed the word RISKY on me even though they were done for the night. Thanks guys, my husband loved it!

With cold spray-paint drying on my lower back I made my way into the stadium where Boys Like Girls were about to play. Though it was nearing the end of a very long day the numbers were surprisingly large. They came out and thanked everyone for sticking it out and staying so late after all the other "losers" wimped out and took off. I felt like one of those losers as I left as soon as they were done. It was all worth sticking around for though.

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