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My Chemical Romance

Verizon Wireless Center, Manchester, NH
Feb 22, 2007
By Bret

The lights dimmed before immediately before My Chemical Romance (MCR) took the stage. I immediately thought, "Wow, I hope nobody drops anything. They'd never be able to find it on the floor without any light." Luckily, the lights came on soon thereafter my inner monologue.

Front and center, all that could be seen was a person on a stretcher. My inner monologue immediately chimed in, "Clearly this person didn't listen to my mother's advice. 'Never lick rats, or you end up with the plague, wearing a white sheet.'" I was relived to hear singing emerge from the man in the sheet. It was clear to me that this guy wasn't a quitter. He was going to beat his illness and persevere!

The curtains drew away to reveal the rest of the band, and some pretty nice prop work. It really evoked the feeling to "Nightmare Before Christmas." MCR was dressed in attire akin to that worn my Jack Skellington, and the Gothic house that served as a backdrop served to create an interesting mood. It was nicely done.

MCR would go on to play through their latest effort an concept album, "The Black Parade." It was impressive to say the least. It's always great to see a band at the peak of their powers, and MCR is definitely there. The fans knew all the words, and hinged on their every word. It's nice to see that sort of thing at a show.

MCR's performance was solid form start to finish. There was great music, great lighting, and the ever-popular confetti. Of course, there were also cell phones. Alas, technology had made it such that the light from a cell phone has replaced that generated from a Bic lighter. What will Bic do? What? I ask.

Though I enjoyed the concert as a whole, there was one song that really stole the show. That song was "Mama." It absolutely rocked. It evoked the sensation of participating in a demented circus of sorts. There was fire everywhere, and if serial arsonists have taught me anything; it's that fire is really cool. The "Jack Skellington" garb only added to the sensation, and the performance ultimately served to remind me a little of "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" For those readers who know what little ditty, it's equally weird, and equally fun.

In closing, I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed blacking out and eating my own head, only to reemerge from my slumber to write this. I don't know what that meant, but how much can anything, anyone says, really mean?

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