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By Mike

cKy (a more politically correct abbreviation of "Camp Kill Yourself") has gained notoriety in some circles through MTV’s popular series "Jackass" (cKy drummer Jess Margera is "Jackass" regular/pro skater Bam’s brother) and the series of skate videos (also called "CKY") that inspired it. They have released two albums worth of music they’ve done for these videos, the first of which, simply entitled "Volume 1", was re-released last year on Island/Def Jam. This earned the band the dubious nickname of "that 'Jackass' band". However, their newest release, "Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild", just may change all of that.

Like "Volume 1", "Infiltrate" is brief (10 songs in just under 34 minutes), but what it lacks in brevity it more than makes up for in great songwriting and raw power. Their sound can most closely be associated with "stoner rock" such as Queens of the Stone Age and (especially) Clutch, complete with heavy, bluesy grooves, distorted guitars and gravely vocals. This time out, cKy displays a great deal of growth, as the songs on this effort seem to be a bit more structured, containing actual choruses and even a catchy hook or two. Also immediately noticeable is heavier use of synthesizers, which compliment and even expand the sound, giving it much more of a progressive feel than their earlier material. The lyrics of each song tell a distinctive story, using cleverly worded, often dark imagery to tell each of its twisted three-to-four-minute tales. "Infiltrate" is a darker, more serious collection than "Volume 1", which employed a bit of a twisted sense of humor. But while surprisingly more serious, the songs are also much better, not to mention more accessible. There is still nothing "conventional" about cKy, however.

In short, "Infiltrate" is a great leap forward for cKy. Older fans should be pleased with the tweaked but still distinctive sound, while new fans could be easily won over by the solid musicianship and songwriting, and be inspired to dig into cKy’s back catalog. Fans of good old-fashioned rock and roll should find plenty to like about this very promising band. At risk of cliché, if cKy is the "future of rock", we all have quite a bit to look forward to.

**** (out of 4)

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September 12, 2005 12:09:57
Makes me happy to read.
June 02, 2004 14:06:55
the album is awesome, the guys are sweet.
so girls what do you want more???!!!
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