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Variety: The spice of life
posted by Carina on 2008-02-01
I was at the Boston Orpheum for Lissie, Lenny Kravitz, Ours and Marilyn Manson.

Then I went to the Garden for the lovely Spice Girls.

Shows we're covering soon include...the Magnetic Fields so stay tuned!

Happy New Year!
posted by Carina on 2008-01-31
Starting the new year off with 3 shows in less than a week! Make sure to check out the photos and read the latest reviews! From Manson, to Kravitz to even the Spice Girls!

What a year!
posted by Carina on 2007-12-01
Thank you to everyone who regularly visits the site, the promoters, publicists and of course the bands for making 2007 a great year musically.

More photos..
posted by Carina on 2007-09-10
OK so I recently shot some "different" shows...this is all about defying and unlearning, so there you go!

Getting ready to head to Austin for ACL this week...but I will be squeezing in one more show before I go...

Lollapalooza 2007 and Vans Warped TourS (yes tourS)
posted by Carina on 2007-08-14
OK, time for an update! First off you'll notice photos are still being added from Lollapalooza in Chicago as well as Vans Warped Tour Boston AND Montreal!

Traffic and other issues caused me to arrive late to the Boston Vans Warped Tour and so I went to the Montreal show as well, but not alone, Melissa and Sabrina were alongside me. Yes, some of the photos are theirs as well!
(Aaron was there too and his photos are all up already: www.rttp.us)

You might have already seen some of my pics in the Boston Phoenix paper from BOTH Lollapalooza and Warped tour, if not, you can also check them out online on their site! Also, make sure to check out Alternative Press for some of my Warped tour photos!

I also wanted to take this time to thank my newest writer Thaise! She's reviewed the True Colors tour and Vans Warped tour so far and she's doing an amazing job!

Live Earth!
posted by Carina on 2007-07-10
Organizers called it “a concert for a climate in crisis.” What a concert it was at Giants Stadium in New Jersey. What an experience! Make sure to check out the photos.

In case you were wondering HOW I got there...I bused it from my house, to Boston, then to NYC and then a shuttle bus to Giants Stadium and did it all again once the show was over.

MAKE SURE to check out the site with some great tips on the small things you can do to help protect the environment and waste less energy and resources. Live Earth Official Site

The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash!
posted by Carina on 2007-05-22
WOW, what a weekend! I was at the Filmore New York @ Irving Plaza on Saturday night for the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. What an honor it was to be invited to shoot such a gig!

Photos of the New York Dolls, Slinky Vagabond, the Chesterfield Kings, The Bullys..AND the Joey Ramone Birthday Bashers: Tommy Ramone, Jayne County, Walter Lure, Andy Shernoff, George Tabb, Al Maddy, Richie Stotts, Ed Stasium, Willie Nile, Walt Stack & Mickey Leigh.

Make sure to check out the random section of pics featuring clips they showed on a large screen as well as some photos of my friend, the fabulous John Nikolai in action!

Before that I shot Velvet Revolver in the intimate setting of the Boston Avalon, they put on an awesome show! Then there was Heaven & Hell featuring members of Black Sabbath with Dio on vocals, Megadeth and Machinehead!

Of course I did not miss the sold out Arcade Fire show at the Boston Orpheum where I also bumped into the lovely Miss Amanda Palmer.

So many pics, so little time, make sure to check them all out!

NEMHF & Peter Bjorn and John
posted by on 2007-05-07
The New England Metal and Hardcore Fest has come and gone. As one of the sponsors, make sure you check out some pics! It was a fun weekend and a special thanks to everyone at Massconcerts!

I also sent pics and show details to the Phoenix so make sure to bookmark www.thephoenix.com and the "onthedownload" section. IF you do check it out, you'll also find pics from the Peter Bjorn and John show I shot at the Paradise.

Great times!


Another update!
posted by Carina on 2007-04-27
I know I recently posted an update, but figured why not one more...I shot Chris Cornell's solo gig at the Boston Avalon as well as Angels and Airwaves free show on the MIT campus in Cambridge on Earth Day! I had a nice surprise waiting for me at the Earth Day show since I got to see Matt (30 Seconds to Mars) playing bass.

This weekend is going to be a crazy one..yes, the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival @ the Worcester Palladium..so stayed tuned for many pics!


So many artists, so little time!
posted by Carina on 2007-04-09
OK, time for my update. A lot of amazing shows recently and a lot more to come!

Despite some issues with the site, photos are being posted, only a little late. Since the last update I've covered My Chemical Romance, the Pogues, The Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour, Bloc Party and the legendary Iggy and the Stooges.

First show of 2007: Incubus!
posted by Carina on 2007-02-02
Happy Groundhog's Day!

I just wanted to post an update to let everyone know that photos and review from the sold out Incubus show are up!

Make sure to check out my pics and Casey's review! Remember to also keep checking the Phoenix's onthedownload section too!

I heard that the Groundhog (Phil) didn't get scared of his shadow, but cold or not, I look forward to a lot of amazing shows in 2007! My 2 + months of being sans shows made me realize just how much I missed it!


ps: Remember to keep emailing me your show suggestions!

Bad News
posted by Carina on 2006-12-08
OK, I just wanted to take a minute and update the main page by apologizing for the lack of updates and wanted to explain the reason why.

A lot has been going on and then to top things off, my hard drive died. I'll save my sob story for another time but did want to at least post that.

I ordered a new laptop and I'm hoping to get it by Christmas. I'll try to backtrack and update the shows that I haven't yet posted (I know there's a few).

Until then, Happy Holidays!

Sooo many bands I love!
posted by Carina on 2006-10-03
Just because I waited this long to update the main page..doesn't mean that photos have been lacking..in fact quite the opposite.

Since returning from Lollapalooza, I've had the chance to see bands that performed there again...like: the Red Hot Chili Peppers (last night!!!), The Raconteurs and Wolfmother.

I finally got to see Aerosmith, caught Motley Crue and the Strokes again. Who else? Well look through the photos and you'll see Muse, The Foo Fighters, Frank Black..and a lot more!

Summer of the festivals: LOLLAPALOOZA, Vans Warped Tour and Ozzfest!
posted by Carina on 2006-08-07
WOW...I'm exhausted...I went from shooting Ozzfest on Tuesday, to Vans Warped tour on Wednesday and then left the Warped tour to go shoot Muse at the beautiful Bank of America Pavilion in Boston and then the next day I flew out to Chicago to get ready for Lollapalooza!

I was happy that I got there a day early to actually get to see the lovely city of Chicago. I had an incredible time and saw some amazing bands and met some really cool people there. Be sure to read my review click hereand check out all the photos. Start here on day 1

Sounds of the Underground Take 2: in Florida
posted by Carina on 2006-07-25
Thanks to everyone at Metal Blade, especially Kelli, Michelle, the Black Dahlia Murder and As I Lay Dying, for hooking me up big time.

I surprised my niece with tickets and all access passes to the Orlando SOTU show. Melissa got to meet and hang out with some of her favorite bands.

This show also marks Melissa's photo debut on here! Make sure to check out the Cannibal Corpse pics since she took all of them. Well all except for the one I took with her in it. click here to see pic

A great time was had by all!

I also got the latest AP issue in the mail today, should be in stores soon, look for my Angels and Airwaves pic towards the beginning of the issue. I don't usually list out this stuff since I'm one of their regular photographers and have a pic in every issue, but since I just got it..and I really like the pic...

Until next update...

NIN and Tweeter Center shows...and my first concert at Fenway
posted by Carina on 2006-07-20
You can tell it's summer because there are a lot of shows at the Tweeter Center! I shot Nine Inch Nails, Angels and Airwaves, Taking Back Sunday and the Sounds of the Underground tour there.

I also shot a show at Fenway Park: Dave Matthews and Sheryl Crowe.

Pearl Jam, Best Music Poll II, Maryland Death Fest, Slayer, Radiohead, AFI and Hoshino USA (Ibanez guitars and Tama drums)
posted by Carina on 2006-06-23
Yes, how's that for defying labels?

Since the last update I've photographed:
Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket, Apollo Sunshine, Atmosphere, Matisyahu, a ton of bands at the Maryland Death Metal Fest, Willy Mason, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists, the Unholy Alliance Tour featuring: Thine Eyes Bleed, Children of Bodom, Mastodon, Lamb of God and SLAYER, and finally, Nightmare of You, Dillinger Escape Plan and AFI...Oh wait...and a lot of crowd and people pictures too!

How's that for a lot of pictures from shows? Remember that if you're looking at photos from a show, if a review is available, you'll see a link on the page telling you to read the review.

Also, hopefully that you've been checking out the The Boston Phoenix newspaper and reading their show reviews (among the other articles of course!) and seeing my photos! If you're not from the Boston area, you can always access their website: (www.thephoenix.com). Depending on the show there may even be an online slideshow! My pictures can be found in the music section obviously, and also in "onthedownload"

Last but not least I did a photoshoot for Hoshino USA so keeps your eyes peeled for ads in magazines and promo posters! The band is Shadows Fall and one photo is of Jason Bittner and his Tama drums and the other is of Matt Bachand and his Ibanez RGA. Amazing bands using amazing products!!

So many more amazing shows coming up this summer...Until the next update...

The Strokes, NEMHFand Boston's Best Music Poll
posted by Carina on 2006-05-24
OK so the NEMHF has come and gone before I was able to update the main page! Make sure to check out all the pics as well as the daily recaps I provided to the Boston Phoenix!

Another fest I attended was the Boston Best Music Poll and one of the main sponsors was the Boston Phoenix. Make sure to check out the pics and Casey's review! I also wrote a mini review for the Phoenix where I talked about OK Go and Elefant. Keep your eyes peeled for a review of Elefant's latest CD. They are sending it to me and I cannot wait to hear it!

I was sooo happy to finally get to see and shoot New York's the Strokes. I LOVE those guys! So does our writer Sabeena since she reviewed their latest CD as well.

Other than my photos, check out Casey's Dresden Dolls review, where he also discusses HUMANWINE, another great local band! Finally, Sabeena reviewed A7F's San Jose's show!

More photos in the Boston Phoenix in addition to on here, some new reviews and a new staff member!
posted by Carina on 2006-04-13
Let me start by saying all the shows I've been to lately have been SOLD OUT shows! This is the time to see amazing acts and I certainly have! The end of March brought me upstairs at The Middle East for the Random Acts of Violence CD release show. The Phoenix ran one of my photos from the show and they did an interview with these local guys! They are an amazing band, listen to the CD if you haven't already! You can read the article here:
click for Boston Phoenix Article

It was a night of amazing local metal, Cryptic Warning, Porphyria and Deathamphetamine also played!

I brought in the month of April with my fellow Italians, Lacuna Coil, in Worcester, where I had a photo shoot with them and we had the chance to speak in Italian to each other! That night, they played to a sold out crowd at the Palladium with Rob Zombie and Bullets for my Valentine.

A couple of days later it was off to Manchester (NH not England) to see British superstars Coldplay, and Richard Ashcroft (from Verve fame in case you didn't already know). Casey came along to that one and wrote an awesome and funny review!

Back to Boston to the Orpheum theatre, again with my writer Casey, this time to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah's! In addition to Casey's review and my photos, be sure to check out this week's Boston Phoenix to see my photos and a live review by Camille Dodero (the amazing writer who wrote the piece on the Armory Art show that I was involved with). To read her review online, click here:
Link to the Boston Phoenix review by Camille

That brings me to last night, when I got to see Franz Ferdinand for the first time and Death Cab for Cutie for the 4th time (last time I photographed them, some photos were also used in a feature that Alternative Press magazine did on them). Some of my photos from the show will also be in the next issue of the Phoenix, along with a review by Carly Carioli. If you don't want to wait, you can check out the Phoenix's onthedownload section here for a little taste:
click here for the Phoenix onthedownload section

Finally, I want to itake a moment and introduce Sabeena to everyone. Not only does she write for us (Suicide Machines and Avenged Sevenfold CD reviews), but she's also been working on the defyUnlearn myspace page! What are you waiting for? Read her reviews and check out the myspace page too (feel free to friend request us!) click here for the myspace page

thank you and until next update... Carina

The Boston Phoenix
posted by Carina on 2006-03-22
From Sigur Ros to Belle and Sebastian and the Cult! I had the opportunity to shoot all these amazing (and sold out!) shows.

Not only did I photograph these shows but make sure you check out the Boston Phoenix newspaper for my photos and to read the reviews! If you missed the past issues, make sure you check out their website!

Other than that, I also covered the Taste of Chaos Tour featuring: Adair, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, Deftones, Funeral For A Friend, Greeley Estates, Screams of Erida, Story of The Year, Street Drum Corps, The Confession, The Receiving End of Sirens, The Smashup and Thrice. Alternative Press is one of the sponsors of that tour (another magazine that I shoot for!).

Finally, I covered the sold out Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, Hawthorne Heights and From First to Last in Portland and had an assistant for that show: Jen Kenyon, who's currently studying at the Hallmark Institute of photography!

First show of 2006!
posted by Carina on 2006-02-01
Finally! I started off the year slowly in terms of shows but managed to get to my first show of 2006 on the last day of the month!

I made it up to Portland Maine at the beautiful State Theatre to see the sold out Avenged Sevenfold show. I also got to chat with my bud Matt Deis who now plays bass in cKy, hadn't seen him in a while, I'm so happy for all his success! He deserves it!

I also arrived early enough to catch Bullets and Octane. Make sure to check out my photos and read the review that Bret will be writing this weekend!

I'll be heading back to the State Theatre on Monday night to catch Sigur Ros..and i cannot wait! Until then...

Happy New Year
posted by Carina on 2006-01-03
I brought in the New Year with family in Montreal. My cold and the snow caused me to not be as active attending shows...

Since the last update, there were still a lot of shows I attended and somehow my last update disappeared, so let's try again!

Please check out the coverage:

End of October: The Bravery, International Noise Conspiracy, FOO FIGHTERS, WEEZER and HOT HOT HEAT (don't mind the caps) and make sure to read Casey's review if you haven't already!

On Halloween I saw the Black Eyed Peas and the beautiful Gwen Stefani, make sure to check out the photos! Even got some crowd and people shots.

November started strong with Audioslave, I LOVE seeing these guys, they are just SO talented (and photogenic!)

After that was back to Boston for Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age and Death From Above 1979.

H.I.M., Skindred and Finch at the Avalon (again, read Casey's awesome review!) I also want to thank Ashley G. for emailing me when she noticed that the photos weren't up right due to some technical issues. Ashley, you rule and hope to see you at another show soon!

I ended the month with Bright Eyes in Worcester and he didn't jump off the stage so he didn't end up in my lap this time...

click here to see a blurry photo the bouncer took (I'm on the right)

In December I got sick and as a result only got to see Korn. Fun show and check out the pics!

Remember, you can always email me your show suggestions! Take care and Happy New Year everyone!

In addition to my personal myspace account, defyunlearn has one too. Feel free to request dU as a friend: just click here

So many bands in so little time and it doesn't stop here!
posted by Carina on 2005-10-11
Since I last updated the main page almost 1 month ago, I've been to the Bruisers reunion show (did you see my photo from the show in the Boston Phoenix by the way?). I have photos of them from that show as well as the Casualties and the Ducky Boys.

After that was the sold out Our Lady Peace show. They played old and new pleasing EVERYONE in the crowd! If you were there, make sure to check out the photos because you might see yourself in the crowd! The show also featured Danko Jones, it was my first time seeing them and they tore it up as well!

Then guess who came back to Boston and guess who was there opening night? U2 and me! It was the same set list as the last tour but this time Keane opened up and I got to catch them as well! Make sure to check out the "misc" section for some cool fan pics and candids of John Kerry in the crowd!

Another veteran band on this site and one of my all time favorite bands, Social Distortion, was the next show and this time I got to shoot them at one of my favorite venues, The Palladium! So many pictures in the span of 3 songs, I definitely have some favorites in there, so make sure to check them out! The Dead 60s opened for them and the venue was packed!

Next, on the the Tsongas Arena for the Nintendo Fusion tour featuring Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack and Boys Night Out. It was the biggest show of the entire tour and was sold out!

Finally, I made it down to the second day of the Rock and Shock fest! Besides all the bands on the main stage (Meshuggah, The Haunted, Mnemic, The Esoteric and The Acacia Strain) make sure to check out the convention photos for pics of George Romero (who playfully called me his official paparazzi for the night hah!), Adrienne Barbeau and tons of other horror celebs, bloody people and some metal stars!

I did also shoot the White Stripes show at the Opera House and make sure to pick up the next issue of Lollipop magazine to see my photos! I did add a couple to my portfolio site as well if you can't wait!

Of Montreal & Mgmt (sold out!) and Skatefest coverage...
posted by Carina on 2005-09-12
What a busy weekend! It started Friday when I photographed this year's Skatefest, at the Palladium of course, and got to see so many great bands! Make sure to check out pics from both Day 1 (Friday) and Day 2(Saturday)!

Sunday I was downstairs at the Middle East for the SOLD OUT Of Montreal show. What a show it was! So much energy and dancing on this hot night that lacked air conditioning but that didn't stop ANYONE from dancing and singing! I just love how these guys switch around their instruments during the set, they are so talented!

Mgmt opened for them and the crowd, as I, seemed to eat it all up! Bits and pieces reminded me of the Psychedelic Furs and New Order. Some Of Montreal members also helped out and played instruments at different points of their set. Fun, sweaty show, make sure to check out the pics!

Motley Crue, System of a Down and The Mars Volta
posted by Carina on 2005-08-28
WOW...two awesome huge shows in one week.

My first time seeing SOAD and what a show! I even bought a messenger bag for my niece Melissa. The Mars Volta were so different than them musically, but they impressed me as well! It was a fun, diverse musical night!

Seeing the Crue for the second time this year was a blast! So much fire and pyro!

More 30 Seconds to Mars and Fear Factory info!
posted by Carina on 2005-08-03
I went to the Boston 30 Seconds to Mars show, so be sure to check out the pics, and took quite a few promos too!

Make sure to check out Fear Factory's ecard and Podcast links here: read the press release and check out the links

30 Seconds to Mars spotlighted again!
posted by Carina on 2005-07-22
It's been a while since I've seen 30STM and it was GREAT.

Make sure to check out all the photos, the live review by our new writer Bret and the interview I did (Along with some posed shots featured in the interview)!

Summer of the Fests!
posted by Carina on 2005-07-18
Since the last update I've shot the Sounds of the Underground Tour, OZZFEST and the Doom and Grind Fest!

Look out for an Ibanez ad in October's Bass Guitar featuring a photo I took of Paul Romanko (Shadows Fall) as well as the cover of Pit magazine featuring a photo I took of The Black Dahlia Murder and As I Lay Dying. There is also more, but I'll write about it as soon as I have all the details!

Interviews with Sounds of the Underground touring artists and photos of course!
posted by Carina on 2005-06-19
Make sure to check out the interviews section for interviews with Matt from Throwdown and Slo from Unearth! In terms of shows, you can see pics of Judas Priest, Queensryche, the Pixies, VNV Nation and some local shows including Hekseri's Middle East debut! Make sure to check out the "promotional" section of my portfolio site to see some promo pics I did before the show!

Sounds of the Underground Tour!
posted by Carina on 2005-06-07
I will be there shooting the opening show in Lowell, MA. Also, stay tuned for interviews featuring some of the touring bands!

Make sure to check out the press release to get all the tour dates and bands!!

click to read press release

Time for Festivals: Maryland Death Fest and New England Metal Fest. U2 and NIN!
posted by Carina on 2005-06-01
A lot of shows, and 2 large fests! Make sure to check out the pics! Social D came back and of course I was there! My first time shooting Motorhead and Nine Inch Nails, make sure to check out the show review for the NIN show too! Let's not forget Audioslave, Green Day, My Chemical Romance oh and U2! So much for not mainstream =)

Time for an update!
posted by Carina on 2005-04-13
The time has come again for an update to let you know what's been recently covered.

For starters, tonight I'm off the Locust/Fantômas show at the Roxy in Boston. Pics and review shortly!

The Subliminal Versus Tour, featuring Slipknot, Lamb of God and Shadows Fall came to town and I was there. Make sure and check out the photos, they received a lot of buzz.

I got to experience an evening of guitars at the Avalon in Boston, where I saw and photographed Steve Vai in action. I don't know how I took that many pics in the span of 3 songs...

What would an update be without a local show? I went to the Masonic Lodge in Lexington where I saw: A Terrible Night For a Curse, Moonshine, Shroud of Bereavement and The Taste of Silver.

We also made the drive to Bucksport Maine again with Porphyria where they played with Montreal's own Cryptopsy. What a treat that was!

Finally this past Sunday I was at the Mudvayne, Life of Agony and American Head Charge show.

The New England Hardcore and Metal Fest is coming up and defyUnlearn.com is one of the sponsers, so you know I'll be there snapping away! Hope to see you there!

The rest of the month is full of shows and other interesting photo shoots, but more on that later!

Motley Crue, Taste of Chaos tour and more!
posted by Carina on 2005-03-05
Well, I just photographed the sold out Motley Crue reunion tour which was absolutely AMAZING!

Before that was the Taste of Chaos tour, another sold out show featuring The Used, My Chemical Romance, local boys Killswitch Engage, Underoath and Senses Fail.

Guess who came back to town? One of my all time favorites, Social D, sold out of course and also featured the Backyard Babies and the Street Dogs.

I also took a roadtrip to Bucksport Maine where I saw Cattle Decapitation and the reverend (returntothepit) and I traveled with the band Porphyria, who also played. I watched their merch booth for a while and read some pretty interesting PETA flyers. Check out www.peta2.com for more info about the organization.

Happy New Year!
posted by Carina on 2005-01-15

I brought in the New Year while in Montreal, Canada visiting family...and since then have been sooo sick and am only starting my recovery now...

What that means for you?
Well, I haven't really been to many shows...except one. The Explosion, Most Precious Blood (although my dear Rachel was in Europe touring with The Wage of Sin and so I didn't get to see her), Rise Against and A Wilhelm Scream. Look for photos by yours truly and a review by our newest staff member Stephanie!

We have also added a "Press Release" page, so you can read the latest band news, tour dates, etc. as soon as it is delivered to me!

Don't forget to check out my online portfolio : www.carinamastrocola.com

Thank you Doug (from Bane of Existence) who designed it, and Aaron, my other half, for doing all the code and hosting it for me (www.returntothepit.com)

It's still a work in progress, however, it contains some samples of my work (as if this site didn't have enough! hah!), my published work, contact info if anyone want to hire me and more!

Remember, I always appreciate the feedback and suggestions. Hope your 2005 is your best year yet!


even MORE pictures!
posted by Carina on 2004-10-31
What a busy month of shows!

Pearl Jam (see if you think Eddie Vedder looks like Russell Crowe as I thought he did), Death Cab for Cutie (twice), Dio, Anthrax, Lamb of God, Unearth and a bunch of local shows to boot!

If that weren't enough, I got to see Social Distortion, one of my all time favorite bands! Then, shooting the Montreal band Cryptopsy in Montreal was quite a treat as well!

To see some extreme photos, take a look at the Gwar photos from the Worcester Palladium show, WOW, what an event!

Make sure to check out the photos to see all those bands and more. We have also added some interviews, make sure to give them a read as well!

Finally, thank you to those of you who got the Boston Phoenix newspaper which featured my photo of Jonah Livingston of "As Long As We're All Living, We're All Dying" as part of a feature story on DIY shows.

Make sure to get this month's Lollipop magazine which features a bunch of my photos from the New England Hardcore and Metal Fest.

We have covered: Curiosa Fest featuring the Cure, Ozzfest, Joe Satriani, Deep Purple, Kiss, Poison, John Mayer, Maroon 5 and a ton of local Metal!
posted by Carina on 2004-09-14
Make sure to check out all the photos and reviews that have been added.

We received a bunch of stickers! If you ordered one...check your mail because you will be receiving them soon! If you want to order some, check out the "merchandise" link to the left to order one (they're free!)

Remember to email requests of shows you want us to cover to me: carina@defyunlearn.com

Also, if you are in a band and want to send me a demo or press kit, email me for mailing information since it has changed: carina@defyunlearn.com

oohhh so many photos!
posted by Carina on 2004-07-22
ok since the last update we have added so many photos! Other than the slew of local shows, we covered the Incubus and Sparta show in Providence, RI, the second show off the Ozzfest tour and Poison and Kiss. The buzz was loudest surrounding our Ozzfest photos which were featured on the front page of a lot of sites including SMN News, as the first Ozzfest photos to be posted! They are also linked on quite a few of the official band sites.

Tomorrow I'm off to New Jersey to cover Hellfest! 3 fun filled days....It's still not too late to get your ticket! That's right, HELLFEST 2004 is coming up this weekend (July 23, 24, 25) at Rexplex in Elizabeth, NJ. Scheduled to feature such great bands as THE ATARIS, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, CONVERGE, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, MEST, AGNOSTIC FRONT, LIFE OF AGONY, FEAR FACTORY, and over 150 more, this is sure to be the best lineup at HELLFEST yet. Also, there will be professional skater demos and a skate competition, paintball, various other sports, a tattoo festival with over 30 of the best artists around, tons of merch tables, food vendors, etc.

For a complete lineup, directions, or to buy tickets while you can, visit: http://www.hellfest.com.

I'll be there with a fresh batch of defyUnlearn.com stickers...handing them out for free!

Hellfest 2004
posted by Carina on 2004-06-23
Are you going to this year's Hellfest? Well you should!

This year’s Hellfest, an all ages event, is taking place July 23, 24, 25 and will be hosted at the Rexplex in Elizabeth, NJ, which happens to be the largest recreational sports complex in New Jersey. The Hellfest will consist of three stages, over 100 bands, a skate contest, a tattoo convention and more.

Make sure to go check out the official site for all details such as how and where to get tickets, directions, list of bands and schedules, information on the official DVD and much, much more:

and stay tuned for more coverage on the event!

Updates and news
posted by Carina on 2004-06-21
Make sure to check out the latest interviews and reviews and photos. Among others, we added photos of Blink 182 and the WBCN River Rave, featuring: Apartment 26, Dashboard Confessional, Everlast, New Found Glory, P.O.D., Puddle of Mudd, The Darkness, The Distillers, The Living End, The Offspring and The Story of The Year.

Speaking of tours...Lollapalooza has been cancelled, see the message board for more on that...and feel free to add your two cents:

click here

forgotten updates!
posted by Carina on 2004-05-23
ok a bunch of cd and live reviews have been added:
local musician from Toronto, Brian Bailey, reviewed by our fellow Canadian writer Jessica; Jawbreaker's "Dear You" reissue, as well as Prince's Musicology, reviewed by Mario hailing from Arizona; and finally, Ben from the UK reviewed CD's by Clann Zu and Proud Mary, who are slotted to play with Incubus at the Carling Hammersmith Apollo the 2nd June 2004.

Added today! Don't forget to check out Kris' monthly "New Spin" Feature to see what's coming out in June! She also blessed us with a CD review of Jem's "Finally Woken" LP.
As for myself..a lot of photos as usual and read my review of Einstürzende Neubauten's latest CD entitled, Perpetuum Mobile.

Don't forget to register for the message board if you haven't already and by being a member you can leave your comments and opinions for all the reviews!

Thanks to Aaron for some minor enhancements to the site and stay tuned for more!

Pictures and something totally new!
posted by Carina on 2004-04-13
Yes, a bunch of photos and reviews have been added!

We also added a new feature...now when you read a review, you can add your two cents too!

Finally, and this is probably most exciting for me, but I received my latest lens...a Nikon 10.5 fisheye! I can't wait for the next show to use it!

Enjoy! Carina

posted by Carina on 2004-03-27
ok, so i've been asked why i don't update the page every time i add things. So thanks to your suggestions..I will.

Last night Ascendancy played a live radio show at the New England Art Institute and they asked me to take photos. Make sure to check them out as well as some photos from IHOP after the show.

A bunch of photos and show reviews have been added as well. Make sure to keep emailing suggestions to me at: carina@defyunlearn.com

Site relaunch!
posted by Carina on 2004-01-19
So last night we officially relaunched the site! Faster speeds and an improved look!

Have you seen the Belle and Sebastian photos? Read the review of the last show ever at "The Box of Knives" in Rhode Island? There's sure to be something for you here...whatever you like...well except teen pop :p

Make sure you subscribe to our infrequent mailing list and order a free defyUnlearn sticker. Just click and check out the subscribe and merchandise buttons for more info! And if you haven't signed up to the message board yet...what are you waiting for?

Have you seen any of the following...?
posted by Carina on 2003-12-18
Since I last entered an update we have had a TON of new photos and reviews such as the ones listed below:

Dec 13, 2003: Children of Bodom, - The Palladium, Worcester, MA
Dec 13, 2003: Dimmu Borgir, - The Palladium, Worcester, MA
Dec 13, 2003: Hypocrisy, - The Palladium, Worcester, MA
Dec 13, 2003: Nevermore, - The Palladium, Worcester, MA
Nov 29, 2003: Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, - Club Marque, Worcester, MA
Nov 28, 2003: Fuel, - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI
Nov 26, 2003: Godsmack, - The Orpheum, Boston, MA
Nov 26, 2003: Les Savy Fav, - The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
Nov 24, 2003: A Life Once Lost, - Bill's Bar, Boston, MA
Nov 24, 2003: Beyond The Sixth Seal, - Bill's Bar, Boston, MA
Nov 24, 2003: Embrace Today, - Bill's Bar, Boston, MA
Nov 24, 2003: Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, - Bill's Bar, Boston, MA
Nov 22, 2003: Ascendancy, - The Bombshelter, Manchester, NH

Concert Reviews:
Fuel, Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI Nov 28, 2003
Godsmack, The Orpheum, Boston, MA Nov 26, 2003
Les Savy Fav The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA Nov 26, 2003

Finally, don't forget to check out our monthly features and keep your eyes peeled for the relaunch of the site coming up soon!

The White Stripes and Whirlwind Heat @ The Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA
posted by Carina on 2003-11-22
The White Stripes and Whirlwind Heat photos posted from the Tsongas Arena show, November 21, 2003

Tons of photos added! What more could you want than a combo of indie rock and metal?
posted by Carina on 2003-11-17
I got back from the New Jersey Hardcore and Metal Festival last night and what a weekend it was! Make sure to check out the photos from Friday and Saturday!

Thursday night was Belle and Sebastian at the Orpheum. Make sure to check out my photos as well as our special guest photographer, Reverend Aaron from www.returntothepit.com

Wednesday night, also at the Orpheum...a night of guitar Gods! Make sure to read the review and check out the photos from the G3 tour featuring: Satriani, Vai and Malmsteen!


Adding a Main Page Updates Section
posted by sselfless on 2003-10-12
Currently, we are working on:
1) new selectable layout
2) this main-page updates

things fixed:
1) red x's on the messageboard
2) server speed issues

things added
1) the features page

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