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Interview with Matt Mentley of Throwdown

I recently had the chance of interviewing Matt from Throwdown and we talked about the Sounds of the Underground tour, his obsession with corn, and a lot more. Read on...

Our magazine is called defy unlearn because we strive to defy labels and want people to “unlearn” what they have been taught. What does “ defy unlearn” mean to you?

Matt: Think for yourself. Form your own opinions on things through research and questioning. Never take something you heard or what someone said and just believe it. Always go to the source, and discover for yourself what the truth is.

When doing interviews is there a question you hate being asked?

Matt: It bothers me when interviewers ask our names and what intruments we play. I think that if they are interviewing us they should have done some homework. I don't know, maybe that's lame to say, but I would hope someone interviewing me know's who I am and what I do for the band.

How about a question you wish someone would ask you? And then can you please answer that question?

Matt: Q: What is your favorite vegetable? A: Corn, of course!

What kind of role did music play in your life when you were growing up?

Matt: Music was my escape from reality. I got really interested in music and started buying records at the age of 11 or 12. I would save my chore money every week and go buy like one new record every saturday or sunday. At this point in my life music is still one of the two biggest driving forces in my life. To me it is more then just chords and lyrics and beats. Music is something that I can connect with on a deeper level then any other form of art out there. It is one of the greatest things in the world.

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

Matt: Ummm......good question. I think about joining the Peace Corps. or something like that someday. Bringing medicine and food and things like that to people in third world countries. What I wanted to do originally when I graduated high school was become a professional photographer, maybe for like National Geographic or something like that. Maybe I will do both someday. Who knows.

Which of your songs would you like to see a cover version of and who would you like to see do it?

Matt: Well, there are 4 off the top of my head that I would love to see happen, all from "Vendetta": 1. "Give My Life"- covered by Helmet 2. "Speak The Truth"- covered by Coldplay 3. "Burn"- covered by Dredg 4. "To Live Is To Sacrifice" covered by U2

What song do you like to perform the most live?

Matt: Currently it's "Speak The Truth", but I am sure it will change as we start to play more of the new stuff live this year.

Can you tell me one thing that makes a really good audience? Anything the people coming to see you at the Sounds of the Underground tour can do to show you their love?

Matt: I think that this answer will differ for each of us in this band, but for me I love when kids are just singing every word and banging their heads through the whole set. That's what I get stoked on. It's hard to explain, but you can feel the energy, whether its negative or positive. Some nights just don't feel right, and others just feel great. But, for people coming to out the Sounds tour....just come out and rock out with us. Also, if you want, you can throw gummy worms at our tour manager Michael Management. He loves gummy worms, and I am sure he will be standing off to the side of the stage every day. Just try not to hit us!!!

Is there anyone on the Sounds of Underground tour that you haven’t played with and you’re really looking forward to sharing the bill with?

Matt: Well Gwar of course, and High On Fire will be sweet for sure. We have played with most of the bands on the tour, but I always look forward to watching Norma Jean, A Life Once Lost, Lamb Of God, and Every Time I Die. All great bands to watch live, and sweet dudes as well.

How does it feel to be part of the first annual Sounds of the Underground tour?

Matt: It is definitely an honor to be a part of it. We are very excited to be in the company of all the bands on the tour and stoked that we were even considered for it.

If Ben & Jerry made an ice cream in your honor and allowed you to create & name it, what would it be called and what would be in it?

Matt: This is by far the hardest question I have ever had to answer in an interview. I think it would be called "CORN-A-SAURUS REX". It would have corn, obviously, and then some chocolate and peanut butter with graham cracker and caramel. Then some more corn.

-Tour Interview Section-

Can you think back to the beginning of a past tour and tell me about:
a comedic moment:
Matt: Dave and I beating the crap out of our former merch guy Joey G. on the nightly.

a moment of perfection or beauty:
Matt: Driving through the Swiss Alps on our European tour last June. Easily one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

a moment of ugliness:
Matt: Dom's poop.

a cliché:
Matt: Ben eating and working out.

a moment of gratitude:
Matt: Being in New Zealand.
Interview by: Carina

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